Only IEEE/IMS member or non-member author fees are allowed to cover the publication of an accepted paper. To qualify for member rates, the membership number must be provided in the registration form. If the author registering to cover the paper publication is a student, he has to pay the full member or non-member fee. Student rates DO NOT cover paper publication.

Visit ieee.org/join to become an IEEE Member. After receiving your IEEE Member Number, you may register at the IEEE Member Rate.

Please email the Registration Manager to request a refund for registration.



All IST manuscripts use the IEEE manuscript template, found here.

The page limit for IST 2018 papers is 6.

Yes, at least one author from each paper must attend the conference to present the paper in person. Your paper will not be published otherwise. See registration requirements above.

Please send an email to Shelby Durden indicating that you would like to be a reviewer for IST 2018